Welcome to my blog! My name is Julaiti Alafate. As of the time of writing, I am a software engineer and machine learning researcher.

About one month ago, I defended my thesis and (finally) completed my PhD at UC San Diego in machine learning. Right before applying for the PhD program, I registered the domain of this website. The plan was to present my undergraduate work in an informal way to the admission committee in the slim hope that someone may bother to click the URL in my application package. Unfortunately, I don’t think I put up anything other than what was already in my resume.

After starting the graduate school, I thought about starting a blog in multiple occasions, but didn’t actually do it mostly due to procrastination/over-thinking. Otherwise, it would be a great document to reflect on my journey towards completing the PhD program.

As the saying goes, the second best time to plant a tree is now. I am about to start a new job as a research scientist/software engineer. It would be my first ever full-time job. I am planning to start posting here along this journey.

It is a bit early to be sure of the topics that I would write about. Thinking and planning often take too much of my time that could better spent on doing. I plan to talk about whatever comes to my mind for the first a few posts until I figure out what topics I enjoy writing about. There are several candidates, including reviewing what I have been reading/watching, summarizing research papers that worth recommendation, and the tips and tricks that help me work productively from home (yes, this post was born in the era of the great social experiment of remote working).

Thanks for reading my first post. Till next time.